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Most Real Estate Agents know that a professionally staged property will typically sell for 6.7% more and 50% faster than a  comparable "unstaged" property ( NAR Study).

For the past six years we have specialized in staging hundreds of properties here in the Du Page County area that have all successfully SOLD!

Ask for our list of agents and get their feedback.

We are here to assist you and your sellers in your marketing efforts and the challenges of selling your listings.

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Our staging services will:

  • Help properties sell faster and for more money
  • Make your Showings go from "Blah" to Wow"
  • Create beautiful and engaging on line photos. Remember over 94% of buyers start their property search "on line", so room photos need to appealing from the start.
  • Guarantee Buyers will spend more time viewing your staged listings
  • Give you and your owners a competitive edge in the market place
  • Get you paid when you perform, by helping to create more buyer offers on your property's.
Our expert stagers take great care to match furniture and accessories to  each individual home. They make every room comfortable, so buyers want to sit down and stay and visualize themselves living there. The more time they spend, the more likely they will buy. Since 94% of home seekers use the Internet to search for homes and eliminate most properties after viewing room photographs, Staging is the main key to creating quality and desirable home and room photos.

We also help "coach" your sellers to make sure your listings are always "show-ready". Besides maintain the property visually appealing, when your office makes an showing appointment, sellers will have the lights turned on, music playing, smelling great and the home will sell itself!

REALTORS Testimonials
Schumburg -  I have worked with Kathleen for many years. She makes a dramatic difference in the homes she stages. 85% of the homes she stages sell within 30 days. I would recommend her staging services to anyone trying to sell their home.
Ralph Binetti, RE/MAX

Glen Ellyn- Kathleen Stages listings for many of our agents and offices properties.
     Joanne D. Keller Williams

HInsdale - I make sure Kathleen is brought in to stgae all my kistings and rely on her staging talent.
Bryan B, Coldwell Banker


"Will it help my listing sell if I stage it?"

Yes! Statistically speaking, a staged home sells for 6% to 17% MORE and 50% FASTER! (

"Why can’t I just stage my own listings?"
Agents can and often do help a property.The problem is they don't have he inventory of furniture and accessories that we can to help augment the home with, nor are they professional stagers. Agents who stage typically put themselves in the position that if they become too emotionally attached then they and the owner can’t view the home objectively, then they will probably find it difficult to market and package it successfully.

Some agents (and owners too) believe they have an "eye" for interior design. That may or may not be true, but the goals of interior design and the goals of staging are on the opposite end of the spectrum. An Interior Designer attempts to personalize space, a stager to de-personalize it.

" Can’t most home buyers just use their imagination and look past the current decor?"
We know that only 10% of home buyers can actually visualize the potential of any home. They also have a hard time seeing past clutter or obsolete decorating.

It is difficult for most buyers  to visualize size or scale, so properly placed furniture and accessories helps to give them a frame of reference and accent the features of the home.  Vacant rooms actually appear smaller  then those staged with furniture and accessories.

I like to decorate for my owners, can I just have someone guide me?"

Sure, call us to come over and we can work together to achieve the desired end result based on your taste and budget. "We will take an hour going through your home with you, filling out our written Action Plan.

We'll also give you a copy of our "Do-it-Yourself" guides for projects that will make a dramatic difference in the value of your home.

Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design