Selling a home is all about Presentation. Our  program is built around that simple premise because you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. When showings become scarce then each one becomes very valuable. So what are the benefits to effective and creative Presentation?

  • A Faster Sale for a Higher Price
Statistics show that  staged Home  sell faster and for higher prices than
comparable homes which have not been staged.

  • More Showings
Real Estate agents would rather show a staged property than one
that is not ready for a solid presentation.

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  • Objectivity
Professional stagers see your home as a prospective buyer would  and by properly "setting the scene" buyers can imagine themselves living             there, and psychologically and mentally moving themselves in and connecting with the home.

  • Buyers Spend More Time In Your Home
Statistics also show that buyers spend more time when viewing  staged properties. The longer buyers preview property the greater chance for          a sale.

  • Appeal to Internet MLS's
        94% of Home seekers use the Internet and social media to search for homes and either select or eliminate a property after viewing room             photographs. Professional staging is the primary key to creating appealing home and room photos.


Glen Ellynwe believe that having the property staged greatly added to the Sale of the home.and we would heartily recommend your service
Jeanine and Walt W.

Hinsdale Thank you. Before we brought you into our house it had been listed for eight months… one month after your service, we had three offers.
Ellen J. R.
Oak Brooke Thank you again for the fine service. I would highly recommend you to anyone whose home is on the market.
James L.


"Will it help my home to sell if I stage it?"

Yes! Statistically speaking, a staged home sells for 6% to 17% MORE and FASTER!  Staged homes stay on the market for an average of 29 days                  compared to 145 days for unstaged homes. (

"Why can’t I just stage my own home?"
Home sellers are usually not very successful at staging their own homes. Having lived there, they are not only too familiar with the way it looks       they also become too emotionally attached. If an owner can’t view their home objectively, then they will probably find it difficult to market and        package it successfully.

Some owners or agents believe they have an "eye" for interior design. That may or may not be true, but the goals of interior design and the       goals of staging are on the opposite end of the spectrum. An Interior Designer attempts to personalize space, a stager to de-personalize it.

"Why decorate for the next owner, can’t home buyers use their imagination and look past the decor?"
We know that only 10% of home buyers can actually visualize the potential of any home. They also have a hard time seeing past clutter or                obsolete decorating.

Buyers simply cannot visualize size or scale, so furniture helps to give them a frame of reference.  Rooms not professionaly staged actually                    appear smaller then  than those staged with proper furniture placement and delightful accessories.

I like to decorate, can I just have someone guide me?"

Sure, call us to come over and we can work together to achieve the desired end result based on your taste and budget. "We will take an hour        going through your home with you, filling out our written Action Plan.

      We'll also give you a free copy of our "Do-it-Yourself" guides for projects that will make a dramatic difference in the value of your home.

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